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Enlighten Stage Lighting Controller DMX Software


Enlighten Stage Lighting Control is a dmx software suite designed specifically for house of worship and stage lighting control applications.  More information about Enlighten is available from the links on the side menu. Download the free demo app now.

Version 4.62

Stable Release 4.62

New features include Traditional Command Line, Highlight option for Next previous fixture on console, ability to assign page buttons and views to looks, video presets load display in import order, Quicker Multiple Fixture Patching, Sequence preview on Buttons, Modify last active Media Traits on console, Create fixture group setting remembers state, Go Back/Interupt Crossfade, Enhanced Channel FX, Web remote shows Fixture addresses and a remote fixture focus option, Ability to customize Background image, Auto Buton Placement in Button group or page,Ability to pick only specific channels to save, and much more + bug fixes.

 Enlighten ONE Lighting Console

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